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    Face to Face
This is the most common type of field work in Iran, and it can be held in many environments including:

•  DTR Headquarter: (e.g. CLT & Gang Surveys)

•  Off-site (e.g. Door-to-door & Car clinics )



Thanks to more than 400 well-trained interviewers based in all provinces of Iran, DTR offers state-wide coverage for quantitative door-to-door fieldworks. DTR has permanent project supervisors in seven major cities of Iran (other than Tehran) namely Mashad, Isfahan, Shiraz, Tabriz, Karaj, Ahvaz and Uroumieh who monitor closely field work progress. We constantly enjoy feedbacks by our permanent statistics experts so as to conduct proper sampling and to collect data with very low margin of error.


CLT and Gang Survey

DTR presents Central Location interviews to clients who value accuracy in data collection. We have a specialized Gang Room which can seat up to 30 respondents for gang surveys, and partition walls for conducting 16 Central Location Interviews with individual respondents.  Thanks to DTR computer network and efficient programming for CAPI, interviewers punch data instantly as they interview respondents. 


Car Clinic

DTR staff have hands-on experience in setting up, arranging and managing Car Clinic Studies for major Iranian and foreign car manufacturers. Car clinics are held in well-equipped easily accessible venues in which facilities such as computer network, computer-assisted personal interviews (CAPI) , stands and banners, exceptional lighting and partitioning are provided


Computer Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI)

As we have faith in “time is money”; we offer CATI to clients who want an economic yet quick method of data collection. DTR has a specialized room for CATI in which 16 telephone interviews can be conducted simultaneously by trained interviewers in three working shifts


DTR CATI Features

•  Access to a pool of over 60 trained interviewers

• 16 CATI stations in Tehran

• State-wide coverage

• Ability to interview in languages other than Farsi (e.g. Azari)

• Customized data collection platform with multi-tab functions (SPSS)

• Large phone number panels for various product categories (e.g. two million phone numbers of car owners categorized by makes and models)

 Controlled call algorithms


Qualitative Research

One of the strong points of DTR is the specialty of its team in organizing and conducting qualitative research for international clients. We recommend qualitative research to clients who attempt to build realistic and reliable insights into their target markets, and to those who look for developing functional innovative ideas and concepts. The quality of qualitative Research and executive outputs we provide gives way to better understanding of clients’ markets, trends and demands.  


Focus  Group Discussions (FGD)

DTR offers FGD solution to meticulous clients who want to dig deep into minds of respondents in a friendly and customized environment. We carry out all phases of FGDs from questionnaire design, recruitment, moderating, simultaneous interpreting, recording to analysis, reporting and presentation. Our data processing team provide clients with detailed and executive report on the research findings. DTR is well able to hold FGD in all cities of Iran in well-equipped venues with local recruiters, professional simultaneous interpreter(s), and HD video and audio recording. 


In-depth Interviews (IDI)

We recommend IDI solution to clients who want reliable bias-free information on habits,  minds and trends. Depending on clients’ demands we conduct IDIs in our HQ or in respondents’ venue with the possibility of HD video and audio recording, and on-demand simultaneous interpreting.


Home Visits (HV)

DTR presents HV usually as a complementary tool for IDIs, FGD and F2F studies. Strong moderating, high-quality simultaneous interpreting, HD audio and video recording are guaranteed.     


Eye Tracking

Based on reliable studies in the field of neuroscience, eye movements disclose more than personal accounts. It’s an effective tool to spice up advertisement campaigns, merchandizing and product design with creativity. In this method, we let respondents share their unconscious mind with us. By this unique technique, we see the world around them through their own eyes.


Advertisement & Merchandizing

Do you want to know what they see and capture through their glances? Eye tracking is the tool which is developed for this purpose i.e. to discover the visual strong and weak points of advertisements and product displays. We make use of hi-tech user-friendly eyeglasses to capture respondents’ eye movements so that we could analyze the movements by specialized computer software. To make data more reliable, we conduct interviews with the respondents whose eyes’ movements are recorded and analyzed. Finally, a reliable executive report will be submitted to clients regarding their advertisement campaigns and merchandizing.


 Home Appliance Design

 Are you interested in how respondents investigate your products on display when they come to buy home appliances? We will tell you all by Eye Tracking Technology. Eye Tracking service helps you strengthen the design of those parts which capture the eyes the most.


Desk Research

Sometimes clients heavily invest on fieldworks while they could have obtained the data they were looking for through a cost effective desk research by a local agency. Desk research can be a complementary tool when clients want to obtain preliminary understanding of Iranian market through qualitative research. Desk research is recommended to newcomers to Iranian market .


Market & Industry Analysis

If you wish to have an early understanding of Iranian Market with limited budget for research. You may first look for available data which may be available in Local Market Research companies. DTR possesses well-structured data banks of various industrial fields such as auto-industry and pharmaceuticals,etc. You are advised to go for Desk Research solution before any Market Research fieldworks.


Concept Development

Next to qualitative studies, Desk Research can be a reliable complementary tool for developing sales, advertisement, or promotion concepts. Clients are recommended to apply Desk Research besides qualitative studies for developing and validating their concepts


Questionnaire Design

 Instead of resorting to Qualitative Research for developing quantitative questionnaires, Clients can contact local Market Research companies for designing questionnaires. Thanks to years of conducting numerous Market Research studies and knowledge of the local culture and market, DTR team offer valuable data on key areas to be targeted in drafting questionnaires as per clients demands.


Coding & Data Entry

DTR offers Coding and Data Entry for all fieldworks. Our specialized Data Entry Department has a specialized room, eight experienced staff, 50 casual staff,  two permanent software developers, and fully customized computer network for data entry and data monitoring.  


DTR Coding & Data Entry main Features

•   Access to a pool of 60 trained data entry staff

•  Quick software development for data entry

•  On-demand data mapping

•  Automated quota monitoring

•  Trained back-checking staff

•  Organized to conduct data entry in three shifts for 18 hours (minimum eight persons each shift)

•  Release of final data in desired formats  (SPSS, ASCII etc.)



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dtrco is a market research company in Iran

dtrco is a market research company in Iran


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